60 min

Start your day right and notice the difference. This gentle class is the perfect way to incorporate a regular yoga practice into your routine. We are passionate about sharing the profound effects of starting your day in a more conscious way.


45 min

Start the week with the right intention and get your mind and body aligned with this 45 minute class designed to help you relax, reconnect, release tension, and flow into the week ahead.


45 min

Sometimes you just need to get out of your busy head, connect with yourself and reset your mindset. This class 45 minute class is about sharing a style of yoga that focuses the mind, moves the body and leaves you feeling like your best self.


30 min

The Sun Salutation is one of the most important yoga practices. It is the set of 12 or 19 yoga Asana (postures) which are performed linking the movement with the breath. The Sun Salutation is designed to work on all body parts, every organ, every system and every chakra. It is also believed to be the most efficient way to connect with our core inner strength. In just 30 minutes this class it is a complete workout for body, mind and soul.


45 min

Expect to move your body and learn yoga poses in a playful setting, all in the backdrop of good tunes and good vibes. Build strength and mobility, followed by a relaxing wind down; you're guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed! 


60 min

Fika is the art of slowing down to appreciate the present moment. Join this gentle yoga class, where you will learn to let go of your day and reconnect with your more chilled self.


60 min

This intermediate level class will combine the ancient aspects of traditional Hatha yoga and bring them into the modern age, creating an authentic experience for all yogis, filled with happiness and bliss. A mixture of Hatha flow, Sun Salutations, balances and inversions, with focus on the breath, creating a class that helps you feel nourished, empowered and equipped to take your practice off the mat.


60 min

Kundalini Yoga focuses on breath work, mantra and meditations. Each class consists of active and passive asana-based kriyas which target the whole body system (nervous system, glands, mental faculties, chakras) to develop awareness, consciousness and spiritual strength.


60 min

This highly structured class is a workout for the body and the mind and is great for toning, strengthening and increasing circulation. Ashtanga has the ability to teach the practitioner focus, balance, repetition and the true art of 'practice'. Ashtanga is a great way to track your progress as each week the same sequence of postures is followed. This is an introductory class focusing on the first half of the Ashtanga Primary Series.


60 min

A new and refreshing approach to yoga which combines functional movement education and physio therapy techniques to explore a more balanced exploration of the body using yoga postures. Expect lots of unusual and fun warm up sequences challenging you in exciting ways. Suitable for you whether new to yoga, have many years of experience, or even teach yoga. Leave feeling stronger, mobile and more integrated.


60 min

An all over body workout to make you mentally and physically sparkling, centred, relaxed, aligned, and totally ready for the weekend! This fast paced, intermediate level class incorporates movement with breath and focuses on your mental, physical and spiritual development by building strength within the body, deepening the breath and calming the mind.


60 min

Mandala is a geometrical figure representing the Universe, normally starting with a circle inside a square, and Vinyasa can mean linking breath and movement in a conscious manner. The Mandala Vinyasa class is established on the 4 basic elements to bring connection between you and each of the Elements in the Universe – Earth, Water, Fire and Air – and with their corresponding Chakra. On the mat during Mandala Vinyasa we will be integrating the spiral patterns of nature, as there is never perfection nor straight lines in nature and exploring circular movements with our prana, the life energy. Allow yourself to move beyond the poses and into the mental and emotional aspects of the practice.


60 min

Yin yoga focuses on the connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones and joints, as postures are held for a prolonged length of time. This class is the perfect complement to more dynamic yoga practices as it helps to create space and connection deep into muscle fascia. These classes are special, calming and meditative, while the use of sound helps to deepen the experience, focus on your inner journey, and let go.


60 min

A new fitness class focusing on releasing and preventing stress while improving personal happiness. Where boxing meets breathing and music meets mindfulness.


60 min

This introductory class will evolve over the weeks as you deepen your knowledge and understanding of T'ai Chi history and sequences. T'ai Chi helps to improve your flexibility, core strength, balance and concentration through gentle exercise. Along with deep breathing exercises and stretching movements, you will work on the different muscle groups and internal organs of the body. Through movement, contracting and stretching, the energy meridians and gates are stimulated and opened.


* All our classes are suitable for beginners and those who have never done yoga, T'ai Chi or boxing before. The classes with (+) next to the title are more dynamic and of intermediate level, but still welcome those beginners who fancy a challenge.

* We advise that comfortable sportswear is worn to all classes.

* Yoga is suitable for almost all and is a great aid for many health concerns. You will be asked to fill out a health assessment form on your first visit, but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to talk to your teacher before the class.

* Please arrive at least 10 mins before class start time.

*All mats and equipment are provided.

*There is no booking necessary. Feel free to drop into as many classes as you like and soon you will be able to book via the MINDBODY app.

*Onsite changing and toilets are available.