13:30 - 16:45


Michi & Manoj

members £16

non-members £20

Welcome in the season of Spring by taking part in our 108 Salutations workshop on

Saturday 18th April 2020.

Spring is the time for growth, expansion and renewal, where we are able to feel a rebirth

in line with nature after the coldness of the winter months.

This empowering practice is a traditional form of cleansing, renewing, and rejuvenating oneself

in preparation for a new, more enlightened period in your life.

Welcome at any time, 108 Sun Salutations is a form of wiping the slate clean or an offering to yourself

and to the community that practices alongside you.

108 is a significant number.

Come and find out why at this workshop and join us for this invigorating and liberating practice.

Intention setting, mantra (chanting), massage, mudra (hand positions) and live music

help deepen this special practice.

Guided by Michela and Manoj.

Class is open to all and modifications are always available, as well as resting when needed.

Snacks and drinks provided after the workshop.


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