Spring Equinox

Join us for our first ever CSY festival at the Spring Equinox, where we celebrate the diversity of our teachers and

what they offer to the community.

Doors open at 1pm where you will he greeted by our teachers and you can browse our marketplace. There will be reiki, raw chocolate, kombucha, vegan cakes, co-ordination games, charity yoga book stall, T-shirts, and the opportunity to meet the tribe and sign up to some of the classes and experiences we are offering throughout the afternoon.

From 2pm there will be an array of short workshops for you to sign up to – ranging from different yoga classes, yoga nidra, sharing circles, Q&A session, book launches and much more. All of which are included with the door charge of

£10 for the entire day.

We end our celebration with a ‘shake your asana’ session run by Richard George

followed by a soothing sound bath by Claire Jukes.


The full schedule is as follows:

MAIN YOGA SPACE (50+ mats)

• 2pm – Richard – Festival Welcome!
• 2:30pm - Amanda – CHAKRA YOGA FLOW – 45 mins
• 3:30pm - Laura– YOGA BASICS – 30mins
• 4:15pm - Richard & Sunil – SUTRA NIDRA – 30mins
• 5:00pm - Olivia – YOGA GROOVES – 45mins
• 6:00pm - Sarah – SOMATIC MINDFULNESS – 45 mins


SMALL YOGA SPACE (15-20 mats)

• 2:30pm - Severine – BOOK READING - 30mins
• 3:10pm - Sunil– MENS CIRCLE - 30mins
• 3:50pm – Harriet– YOGA FOR WOMEN CIRCLE - 30mins
• 4:30pm - Sharon – SLOW HATHA FLOW - 30mins
• 5:10pm – Ady – CHILL & DRUM - 30mins
• 5:50pm – Richard – Q&A – YOGA, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING – 30mins
• 6:30pm - Harriet & Sunil – HEART CIRCLE (All welcome) - 30mins
7pm - Richard - FINAL CELEBRATION - Shake your Asana - 30mins

7:40pm - Claire - SOUND BATH - 20mins

We have yoga mats at the studio but if you have one please bring it with you.

* Please bring additional funds for food and snacks, books and T-shirt’s if you would like to make any purchases.

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